Toilet Service and Repair

When it comes to home or business emergencies, a faulty toilet probably rates as one of the most serious, the most inconvenient and the most urgent to attend to. A toilet that won’t flush, perhaps because it has become blocked, poses an almost instantaneous problem and inevitably requires immediate attention, as the consequences can be dire. In the home, there may not be an alternative toilet to use or children and the elderly who need to be able to use it at a moment’s notice, while in a business the demands on washroom facilities can be almost constant. As the loss of a toilet poses real health concerns, rapid action is essential.

What could possibly go wrong with my toilet?

Despite the design of most toilets being simple, faults are common and usually unexpected; the surprise nature means that it’s not until you’re without a functioning toilet that you can really appreciate how important it is!

Clogged toilet: a toilet that has become blocked, for example by toilet tissue, baby wipes or ladies’ sanitary products, is an extremely common but frustrating problem that renders the toilet unusable until the blockage is cleared. A common sign of a clogged toilet is the water in the bowl rising to the brim after flushing and taking a long time to drain. For a professional, however, to ensure a clogged toilet is cleared is a relatively simple task and the best way to return the toilet to its proper working condition.

Sewer line blocked: once a toilet is flushed, the contents are forced by the water pressure into the sewer line but, on occasions, this can become blocked. If multiple toilets are connection to a single sewer line, such as in a place of work, then all the toilets – as well as sinks, showers and bath - could potentially be affected as no waste water will be able to escape. Only a toilet repair service should be asked to clear the blockage as it requires expert knowledge and special equipment.

Overflow: a serious problem that can only be addressed by a professional with the knowledge and skills, a clogged toilet can cause dirty water to overflow into the bathroom, potentially spreading harmful bacteria and damaging fittings and contents. To minimise long term damage, calling on an expert toilet repair service is the only solution!

Persistent running: once the cistern has refilled after flushing, an internal flapper valve should force the water to stop emptying into the toilet bowl. If this fails, however, then water will drain into the bowl, proving to be expensive and environmentally unfriendly. Replacement of the valve will ensure that the problem is fixed quickly and efficiently.

But I have home emergency insurance?

Many homeowners and premises managers insure their water systems against breakdown so that, in the event of an emergency, professional assistance can be obtained at little or zero cost. These policies are, of course, a great idea, particularly if non-urgent but potentially expensive problems, such as leaking radiators, occur.

However, it’s worth noting that these policies may not provide the cover that you need or the speedy service to ensure that your faulty toilet is repaired and returned to use.

Common exclusions include:

• Toilet blockages caused when a foreign body is flushed, such as a child’s toy (many clogs are the result of these accidents).
• Pipes, valves or other cistern fittings that have degraded over time.
• A sewer line that is blocked beyond the boundary of your property.
• Damage to sewer lines caused by trees, if their proximity to the property has not been declared.

As always, read the terms and conditions of any home emergency insurance policy to ensure that you will receive cover in the event of a faulty toilet!

What should I do if my toilet stops working?

When a toilet emergency occurs, the obvious course of action is to seek professional help from a toilet repair service. Don’t attempt to solve the problem yourself as more extensive damage could occur!

Whether you need a clogged toilet cleared, a sewer line blockage removed or a broken part replaced, you can be reassured that, with expert help on-hand quickly, you’ll have your toilet facilities back to full use in no time.

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